GOLD (USD): 1673,00 1,00
SILVER (USD): 19,060 0,021
RUB | USD: 58,4500 0,0000
CAD | USD: 0,7257 0,0026


Koryakmining holds the ChIT 01892 BE mining license for geological survey, exploration and mining operations of hard rock and alluvial gold, lead, zinc, antimony and associated components at Zolinsko-Arkiinskaya area (issued on 24.12.2007 and valid until 31.12.2032).

The asset is located in Gazimuro-Zavodskoy and Alexandrovo-Zavodskoy Districts of Zabaikalie Territory and includes a number of alluvial deposits, Kochkovskoe gold deposit, and areas prospective as for ore gold. Licensed site area is 863.37 km2.

The area facilities are easily accessible for motor transport. The distance from Kochkovskoe deposit to the nearest railway station is 30 km.

Geological exploration is continued on the deposit, including flanks evaluation and deposit exploration. As recommended by the State Committee for Land Resources (GKZ), pilot commercial development is conducted in the framework of deposit exploration.

In 2018-2020, pilot commercial development of Kochkovskoye deposit will be conducted with the heap leaching of oxide ores.

In February 2018, the Central Committee for solid mineral deposits development of Rosnedra approved the technical project for the pilot commercial development of Kochkovskoye gold deposit (Minutes 17/18-стп and 18/18-стп of 13.02.2018).

In Q1 2018, all permits as necessary for launch were obtained (for land and forest plots, drilling-and-blasting operations, construction works, etc.).

The launch of heap leaching area is scheduled for Q2 2018.

Gold-loaded carbon will be processed at the hydrometallurgical area, Savkino deposit (Mangazeya Mining LLC).

The Savkino production team participates in the development of the Kochkovskoye deposit.