GOLD (USD): 1773,00 24,60
SILVER (USD): 21,602 0,207
RUB | USD: 60,9028 0,1197
CAD | USD: 0,7371 0,0008

The Company

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors of Mangazeya Mining Ltd includes high-qualified professionals possessing managerial expertise in finance and production.

Charter of the Board of Directors
Policy on insider information

Liudmila Arutiunian

Ms. Arutiunian has previously acted as the Company’ s CFO and has years of experience in finance. Prior to joining Mangazeya Group in 2014, Ms. Arutiunian served as the Head of Financial department in JSC Cryogas.

Gerald Rohan
Independent non-executive member of the Board and Head of the Audit Committee

Mr Rohan is an experienced executive, who has been involved in a number of transactions in natural resources industry: privatization, acquisitions, and joint ventures. In addition, he has implemented international accounting systems and practices at a number of major international companies. Since retiring from PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2007, Gerald has been very active in Corporate Governance at the Board of Directors level in various companies.

Mr. Pierre Légaré
Independent non-executive member of the Board and Member of the Audit Committee

Mr. Pierre Légaré has over 30 years of experience in project development, including over 20 years in increasingly senior roles at SNC-Lavalin Inc. culminating in his role as Vice President, Projects, Mining and Metallurgy from 2011 to 2013. Since 2013, he has continued to provide project management services to mining and other large scale construction projects through his services company, LQ Consulting and Management Inc. Within his extensive experience, he has managed and directed large scale capital projects in excess of $4 billion total installed cost within the mining industry, including the Mina de Cobre Panama Project for Inmet Mining and the Amabotvy Nickel Project for Sherritt International / Sumitomo Corp. / Korea Resources Corp. Most recently, Mr. Légaré has been appointed as Project Director for New Gold’s Rainy River Project located in northwestern Ontario, Canada.

Dmitry Karelin
Member of the Board

Mr. Karelin possesses extensive legal expertise in the mining industry and previously worked at ZAO Soyuzmetallresurs, OAO Zhirekensky Mining Processing Plant. Dmitry Karelin joined Mangazeya Group in 2014 as the Head of Legal Department.

BoD Committees

Audit Committee:

  • Gerald Rohan
  • Mr. Pierre Légaré
  • Liudmila Arutiunian

The Audit Committee meets no less than four times a year. The Committee’s responsibility includes controlling the integrity of the company’s financial statements, auditing annual and interim financial statements, supervising the company’s relations with external auditors, and analyzing the efficiency of external audit processes. The Committee also controls the efficiency of in-house audit and risk management systems.

Audit Committee Bylaws (in English) – download

Remuneration Committee:

  • Liudmila Arutiunian

The Remuneration Committee prepares recommendations and advises to the Board of Directors as for the Company’s policy of remuneration of the company’s top management, and determination, within its terms of reference, of the remuneration of the Chairman of the Board, Executive Directors, Corporate Secretary and top management.


Mangazeya Mining Ltd
Deputy CEO,
Geological Exploration
Mangazeya Mining Ltd
Chief Financial Officer



  • Mangazeya Mining obtained a mining license for the exploration, survey and production of gold, silver at primary ore deposits for the flanks of its existing Nasedkino (Malouryumskoye) deposit in Mogochinskiy District, Zabaikalie Territory
  • Mangazeya Mining Ltd completed a shares for debt transaction with Mangazeya Center LLC, pursuant to which all of the Company’s existing debt was swapped into newly issued common shares.


  • New gold production record of 1054.4 kg set at Savkinskoye deposit as of year-end 2015.
  • Mangazeya Mining Ltd sold its ore gold deposit at Drevniy property on Pridneprovskaya area, Magadan Region.


  • NI 43-101 Technical Report on mineral resources and deposit development for Savkinskoye deposit prepared (MICON).


  • Mangazeya Group assumed control of the company.
  • Feasibility study of permanent exploratory standards for Nasedkino deposit performed (TOMS Engineering).
  • White Tiger Gold changed its name to Mangazeya Mining Ltd.


  • 692 thousand tons of ore and 568 kg of gold produced at Savkinskoye deposit.
  • NI 43-101 Technical Report on Nasedkino deposit prepared (SRK Consulting).
  • Placer gold reserve development project for Zolinsko-Arkiinskaya area prepared (Zabaikalzolotoproject-Rossyp).


  • 541 tons of ore and 528 kg of gold produced at Savkinskoye deposit.
  • Feasibility study of permanent exploratory standards and reserve estimation for Savkinskoye deposit performed (Vostokgeologiya).
  • NI 43-101 preliminary economic report on Savkinskoye deposit development prepared (TOMS Engineering).


  • NI 43-101 Technical Report on mineral resources for Nasedkino deposit prepared (MICON and SRK Consulting).
  • NI 43-101 Technical Report on mineral resources for Savkinskoye deposit prepared (MICON and SRK Consulting).
  • White Tiger Gold, through a reverse takeover transaction, becomes the holder of assets including Savkinskoye and Nasedkino deposits, and Zolinsko-Arkiinskaya and Pridneprovskaya areas.


  • 135 tons of ore and 381 kg of gold produced at Savkinskoye deposit.


  • Ore mining started, heap leaching commenced and first gold produced at Savkinskoye deposit.
  • Ore gold deposit mining license obtained for Drevniy property on Pridneprovskaya area, Magadan Region.


  • Trial mining project for Savkinskoye deposit developed (ZabaikaltsvetmetNIIproject).
  • Placer and ore gold mining license obtained for Zolinsko-Arkiinskaya area (Zabaikalie Territory).


  • Mining license obtained for Ildikan area, including Savkinskoye property (Zabaikalie Territory).


  • Mining license obtained for Nasedkino deposit (Zabaikalie Territory).

Corporate Structure

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Sustained development

Environmental Protection

In planning and operation, Mangazeya Mining Ltd places high priority on environmental protection and compliance with the Environmental Law of the Russian Federation. The company is focused on implementation of technologies enabling rational and safe use of natural and energy resources, effective waste management throughout the entire production cycle. The company closely collaborates with the local authorities to constantly monitor the ecological situation on the company’s licensed properties, to optimize the measures to promptly prevent escalation and mitigate the consequences of any possible negative impact on the environment.

Social Responsibility

All business units of Mangazeya Mining Ltd are committed to Social Responsibility principles built in line with the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of the company.

As a socially responsible business, Mangazeya Mining Ltd is consistent in building up partner relations with the government – from local to federal level. As part of the employment policy adopted in the Zabaikalie Territory, Mangazeya Mining Ltd employs local manpower for most of the positions at its production companies. The company contributes to social and economic growth of Zabaikalie Territory through payment of taxes and duties, increasing year on year, to local budgets.

Mangazeya Mining Ltd finances the repairs of social organizations’ properties in some villages of Zabaikalie Territory and supports the young football players training center of Chita Football Club. Mangazeya Mining Ltd is one of the founders of Pallas Cat Center, autonomous non-commercial organization.