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Mangazeya Mining Ltd. announces its production results

Publish date: 29.04.2019

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TORONTO, ONTARIO, April 29, 2019 – Mangazeya Mining Ltd. (“Mangazeya” or the “Company”) (NEX:MGZ.H) is pleased to announce its production results for the fourth quarter and the twelve months ended December 31, 2018.


Q4 2018 Q4 2017 Y-o-Y change 12m 2018 12m 2017 Y-o-Y change
Total rock moved, ‘000 m3 1 339 1 284 4,3% 6 174 4 993 23,6%
Savkinskoye 1 311 1 284 2,1% 5 167 4 993 3,5%
Kochkovskoye 28 100,0% 1 007 100,0%
Stripping, ‘000 m3 1 237 1 235 0,2% 5 636 4 546 24,0%
Savkinskoye 1 209 1 235 -2,1% 4 778 4 546 5,1%
Kochkovskoye 28 100,0% 858 100,0%
Ore mined, kt 172 104 65,4% 1 172 951 23,2%
Savkinskoye 213 104 105,0% 822 951 -13,6%
Kochkovskoye -41 100,0% 350 100,0%
Stripping ratio, m3/t 7,20 11,88 -39,4% 4,81 4,78 0,6%
Savkinskoye 5,68 11,88 -52,2% 5,81 4,78 21,6%
Kochkovskoye – 0,68 100,0% 2,45 100,0%
Average grade in ore mined, g/t 0,92 1,19 -23,0% 1,43 1,26 13,2%
Savkinskoye 1,13 1,19 -5,0% 1,22 1,26 -3,6%
Kochkovskoye 2,03 100,0% 1,92 100,0%
Gold in ore mined, kg 158 124 27,3% 1 673 1 199 39,5%
Savkinskoye 241 124 94,8% 999 1 199 -16,7%
Kochkovskoye – 84 100% 674 100,0%
Ore stacked, kt 58 150 -61,6% 870 999 -12,9%
Savkinskoye 82 150 -45,8% 678 999 -32,1%
Kochkovskoye – 24 100,0% 192 100,0%
Average grade in ore stacked, g/t 1,36 1,19 14,1% 1,37 1,17 16,7%
Savkinskoye 1,34 1,19 12,6% 1,20 1,17 2,6%
Kochkovskoye 1,27 100,0% 1,96 100,0%
Gold in ore stacked, kg 79 180 -56,2% 1 192 1 173 1,6%
Savkinskoye 109 180 -39,4% 816 1 173 -30,5%
Kochkovskoye – 30 100,0% 376 100,0%
Gold production, koz 8,52 5,47 55,7% 27,67 24,32 13,8%
Savkinskoye 5,31 5,47 -3,0% 19,67 24,32 -19,1%
Kochkovskoye 3,21 100,0% 8,00 100,0%
ore gold 2,89 100,0% 6,56 100,0%
placer gold 0,33 100,0% 1,44 100,0%
Gold sold, koz 10,23 6,51 57,2% 22,24 24,11 -7,7%
Savkinskoye 5,97 6,51 -8,3% 14,24 24,11 -40,9%
Kochkovskoye 4,26 100,0% 8,00 100,0%
ore gold 3,46 100,0% 6,56 100,0%
placer gold 0,80 100,0% 1,44 100,0%

Kochkovskoye deposit

  • The volume of mining in 12 months 2018 was as follows: total ore mined was 350 kt, average grade in ore mined was 1.92 g/t, average stripping ratio was 2.45 m3/t, ore stacked was 192 kt, average grade in ore stacked was 1.96 g/t, gold production was 6.56 koz, gold sold was 6.56 koz. The Company engages a contractor to produce placer gold. In 12 months 2018, placer gold production was 1.44 koz, placer gold sold was 1.44 koz.
    In 2018, the Company was performing the pre-production development aiming at defining process indicators and adjusting process parameters for Kochkovskoye deposit.
  • In Q4 of 2018, mining at Kochkovskoye deposit continued. In Q4 2018, performance indicators were adjusted. The adjustment has been done to factor in the results of the tests aimed at determining the cyanated ore density at pillars and changing the value from 2.71 to 2.28 t/m3. In Q4 2018, gold production was 2.89 koz, gold sold was 3.46 koz. The contractor produced 0.33 koz of placer gold, and placer gold sold was 0.80 koz.

Savkinskoye deposit

  • Gold production reduced by 19.1% in 12m 2018 YoY. The difference has been caused by the decrease in ore stacked for heap leaching YoY. Gold production in Q4 2018 reduced by 3.0% YoY.
  • Gold sales reduced by 40.9% in 12m 2018 YoY. The difference mainly resulted from the decrease in production volume and the performance of contractual obligations under the gold loan agreement. In Q4 2018, gold sales reduced by 8.3% YoY.
  • Total ore mined in 12m 2018 reduced by 13.6% YoY. The difference resulted from the decrease in ore production at the bottom level of Yugo-Zapadny pit due to high water inflow and the high degree of water content, as well as the organization of the additional measures for water removal on mining horizons. In Q4 2018, total ore mined increased by 105.0% YoY mainly due to total horizon lowering at Khlebny pit and increment of reserves at ore body No. 3.
  • In 12m 2018, the average stripping ratio increased by 21.6% YoY. The increase was caused by the preparation of working horizons at Yugo-Zapadny pit and expansion of the same for further development. In Q4 2018, the average stripping ratio reduced by 52.2% YoY mainly due to significant reduction of stripping at Yugo-Zapadny pit YoY.
  • The average grade in ore mined in 12m 2018 was in line with 12m 2017. In Q4 2018, the average grade in ore mined reduced by 5.0% YoY.
  • In 12m 2018, total ore stacked for heap leaching reduced by 32.1% YoY, with the average gold ratio in ore stacked being in line with 12m 2017. The reduction of ore stacked for heap leaching mainly resulted from the reduction of ore mined. Ore stacked for heap leaching in Q4 2018 was by 45.8% lower as compared to Q4 2017, and the average gold ratio in ore stacked was in line with Q4 2017.

About Mangazeya Mining Ltd.
Mangazeya Mining Ltd. is a NEX-listed mining and exploration company, focused on the development
mineral resources in the Russian Federation.

Anton Grigoryev
Corporate Secretary
Mangazeya Mining Ltd.

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